Who Are you?

We help investors earn

We end needless suffering of animals

We inspire people to change animal's life for better

We help the world see how important animals are to humans
We are Lassie Finance, a decentralized and global community helping animals who need it most. Our mission is to bring the world a new use case for Cryptocurrencies, and we're just getting started.

When was the Lassie token created?

Lassie was created in early March 2021,  and it immediately aroused great interest from all. Lassie now has dedicated leadership, a strong and committed community and a clear vision built around helping animals, while also earning passive income for community members. Lassie always welcomes anyone who is willing to assist in continuing to make this project truly succeed.

How does LASSIE work?

For this, read our Whitepaper

Do you have any Marketing push / department?
Yes! Our marketing team is composed of seasoned professionals from different fields, from design to journalism and beyond! We are all doing volunteer work for charity. We are in talks with exchanges, shelters and charity-minded influencers to bring visibility to our project. If you have any ideas to share with us contact us directly on Telegram and let us know!


What is Lassie Finance, exactly?
Lassie Finance is a crypto-based community helping animals in need. With us you can obtain substantial earnings and at the same time help those who need it most. We will also be helping other types of associations soon.

-Transparency - the community members will always know what LASSIE has in the works. The Community itself will have a voice in what LASSIE does next. This is a Community-owned decentralized project.

-Community - "All for one and one for all". Our community will always decide on what charities LASSIE donates to, comment on roadmaps and have a genuine impact on the project's future.

How do I know when a donation has been made?

The team will complete the necessary donation forms for the selected charity, send the donation and post proof for everyone to see. Where possible, we’ll work with the charity to confirm that they have received your donations on their social media.

Where can I contact the Lassie Finance staff?
You can contact a member of our staff from the "Contacts" section of the website